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We are a small hobby kennel with a focus on breeding only exceptional German Shepherd Dogs from strong, proven European working bloodlines. We have been active in schutzhund and other dog sports for many years, and all of our breeding dogs possess working titles, hip/elbow certifications, and are thoroughly screened and tested for health and temperament. Our dogs are also Handler Owned and Trained (HOT), and live in the house as constant companions. Working, training, titling and living with our dogs ensures that we have a thorough understanding of each dog's temperament, character, strengths and weaknesses, which in turn allows us to make the best breeding decisions possible. Puppies are well socialized from birth, tattooed and microchipped, and come with a written health warranty.

We strive to produce a balanced dog with exceptional nerve and temperament coupled with strong drives and work ethic and a thinking, sensible character. In short, the type of widely versatile dog the German Shepherd was designed to be. Dogs from our kennel are currently working and training in schutzhund/IPO and other protection sports, herding, law enforcement, search and rescue, farm work, competitive agility, obedience, nosework, detection, service work, tracking and even barn hunt and trick dog competitions. Just as important, they are also serving families across North America as sound, trustworthy and loyal companions and protectors. Here at Wildhaus Kennels you will find a superb companion with the ability to do anything you ask.

We hope you enjoy our website. Please don't forget to browse through our photo galleries and articles section too. We always enjoy discussing dogs, training and the German Shepherd breed, so feel free to contact us if you'd like. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about ourselves, dogs and breeding program, and we will gladly provide references of past customers and others who have had the pleasure to work with our dogs.

Upcoming Litters

No litters planned until Spring 2018.

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Recent Headlines

September 2017 ~ Raven and Sandy earn the first two legs of their AKC Companion Dog (CD) obedience title with two 1st place finishes and High In Trial.

August 2017 ~ Nikita "Skeeter" and John finish their AKC Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ) title.

August 2017 ~ Panzer and Julie earn their AKC Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) and Open Fast (OF) titles.

July 2017 ~ Nikita "Skeeter" and John earn their AKC Agility Open Fast (OF) and Open Standard (OA) titles.

July 2017 ~ Riker "Trekker" and Dave pass their nosework Odor Recognition Test (ORT).

July 2017 ~ Panzer and Julie earn their AKC Agility Excellent Standard (AX) title.

July 2017 ~ Onyx and Lisa earn their Mondio Ring 1!

June 2017 ~ Isis and Dianna earn another IPO3!

June 2017 ~ Havoc "Hank" and Roni earn their IPO3.

June 2017 ~ Jette "Saber" and Shawn earn their UKC Nosework Advanced Interiors (AI), Advanced Exteriors (AE) and Advanced Nosework (AN) titles.

June 2017 ~ Raven and Sandy earn their AKC Novice Trick Dog (NTD) title.

June 2017 ~ Raven and Sandy earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

June 2017 ~ Raiden and Karen earn their Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC).

May 2017 ~ Onyx and Lisa earn their AKC Dock Master (DM) dock diving title.

May 2017 ~ Riker "Trekker" and Dave earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

May 2017 ~ Magnum "Eagle" and Ginny earn their AKC Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) title.

May 2017 ~ Oberon "Nick" and Leesa earn their BH.

April 2017 ~ Onyx and Lisa earn their UKC Dock Diving Grand Senior Jumper Championship (GSJCH).

April 2017 ~ Karma "Rayne" and Cayla earn their PSA2 title. Rayne is the first female GSD ever to achieve this title!

April 2017 ~ Rogue certifies a1 Normal on both hips and elbows through the SV.

March 2017 ~ Nimbus "Conall" and Bill pass their SAR area search certification through IPWDA.

March 2017 ~ Narsil "Kinsey" and Sue earn their AKC Novic Agility Jumpers (NAJ) title.

March 2017 ~ Rogue and Christopher earn their BH.

March 2017 ~ Nymeria "Shadow" and Melody earn their Therapy Dog Certification.

January 2017 ~ Rebel "Riley" and Sharon earn their UKC Nosework Novice Containers (NC), Interiors (NI) and Vehicles (NV) titles.

January 2017 ~ Rogue and Christopher earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).

January 2017 ~ Ricochet and Natasha pass their Herding Instinct Test.

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