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Sky is a 4 month old sable female (DOB 7/4/15) rescue. She was dumped at the veterinary clinic where our co-owner, Dianna, works because her previous family found that they were unable to deal with her. This is wholly the fault of the previous owners as there is nothing about this puppy that anyone should have any problems dealing with. This is a fabulous puppy! But she IS a puppy, and thus requires some time and effort, which her previous family was unwilling to provide. She is now living with Dianna until a forever home can be found.

Sky is a very confident, outgoing, relatively "bombproof" young girl. Pretty much nothing phases her and she is very social with people and animals. She has a generally sweet, somewhat soft personality. Her food drive is very high and she is proving to be very engaging and trainable. Prey drive is more low to moderate; there is enough there to enjoy playing ball or tug, but she is not a sport prospect. She is best suited to an active companion home.

She is purebred, but unregistered and has no papers so we don't know where she came from. When she was first dropped off she was undersized and underweight due to very poor diet had a heavy load of parasites. With vet care to clear the parasites and plenty of good nutrition she is gaining weight nicely, though she is still small for her age. Especially without knowing her background it is impossible to tell if she is naturally a smaller GSD and will remain so, or if she is just behind at this age and will catch up with time. She has been fully vetted and vaccinated and is completely healthy at this point. In Dianna's care she is also learning important lessons such as housebreaking, crate training, travelling in the car, basic manners and obedience, and of course she is getting a lot of socialization with people, animals and places.

If you are interested in Sky, please call us at 810-610-7523 or email dsheverly[at]hotmail[dot]com. Interested parties can expect to be interviewed and screened very carefully, and should be prepared to provide references as well.

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