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Working German Shepherd Dogs

We are a small hobby kennel located in rural SE Michigan with a focus on breeding only exceptional German Shepherd Dogs from strong, proven European working bloodlines. We have been active in schutzhund and other dog sports for many years and all of our breeding dogs possess working titles, hip/elbow certifications, and are thoroughly screened and tested for health and temperament. Our dogs are also Handler Owned and Trained (HOT), and live in the house as constant companions. Working, training, titling and living with our dogs ensures that we have a thorough understanding of each dog's temperament, character, strengths and weaknesses, and this in turn allows us to make the best breeding decisions possible. 

We strive to produce a balanced dog with exceptional nerve and temperament coupled with strong drives and work ethic and a thinking, sensible character. In short, the type of widely versatile dog the German Shepherd was designed to be. Dogs from our kennel are currently working in schutzhund/IPO/IGP and other protection sports, herding, law enforcement, search and rescue, farm work, competitive agility, obedience, nosework, detection, service work, tracking and even barn hunt, dock diving and trick dog competitions. Just as importantly, they are also serving families across North America as sound, trustworthy and loyal companions and protectors. 

When asked to sum up the goals of our breeding program, the best and most concise answer is to produce working dogs that people can live with. We believe that a good GSD is one that has the drive and temperament to perform a wide variety of tasks and that dogs who do not possess strong working ability are not correct representatives of the breed. At the same time, no one should have to sacrifice companionship for utility. We feel that dogs who cannot also relax and be good family dogs, no matter how well they work, are also incorrect representatives of a breed like the GSD that is supposed to be about balance.

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Working German Shepherds

The German Shepherd Dog is a working dog. Originating in the late 1800s from the selective combination of different types of regional herding and working dogs, the GSD was created to be all around working dog; a utilitarian breed capable of performing a wide range of services. The GSD's strong reputation and world-wide popularity is due primarily to its versatility and working heritage. Yet often when they hear "working dog" or "working bloodlines", those who are unfamiliar with these dogs are under the false assumption that these dogs are hyperactive, dangerous, and in general unsuited to family life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our dogs possess the courage and drive to excel in police or personal protection work, yet are gentle enough to play with a room full of kindergartners. They are high drive and will give their all in training and work, but when the day is done they will turn off and happily lounge about with the family watching television. As a working breed, we firmly believe that it is the responsibility of all GSD lovers, but especially breeders, to maintain it as such. But we also feel very strongly that no matter how much a dog may excel in working endeavors, if it is unable to be a stable and trustworthy family companion, it is not a good representative of the German Shepherd breed. And certainly not a breeding candidate. We strive for this balance between work and home life in all of our own dogs and in the puppies we produce.

At the same time, this does not mean that a German Shepherd is an appropriate dog for everyone. When asked if they make good pets, the answer is always "Yes, but...". While they are reliable, devoted and enjoyable companions, German Shepherds, and the working lines in particular, need owners that are experienced with dogs, lead active lifestyles, and enjoy involving their dogs in all aspects of their lives. These dogs are highly intelligent and have a strong, inborn desire to work with their owners and utilize their natural drives. While this makes them highly trainable, it also means that even the "pet quality" puppies from working line litters are not couch potatoes. In addition to regular physical exercise, these dogs also need clear, fair, consistent leadership, mental stimulation through training, and quality one-on-one time interacting with their people in order to be happy, well adjusted and well mannered companions. If you want a laid-back, low maintenance house pet, a German Shepherd is not for you. If you want a dog that will work tirelessly for you, be your constant and faithful companion, defend you and your family with its life, let your children crawl all over him AND you have the desire and ability to properly raise, socialize and train your dog and ensure that his needs for mental and physical exercise are met, you have come to the right place.​


We do not currently have any puppies available. 

Our next litter will be Summer 2024.  

Information will be posted on our Litters Page as plans are finalized.

Wildhaus Honor Roll


~117 Schutzhund/IPO/IGP Titles~
~69 BHs~
~1 Mondio Ring Title~
~4 American Working Dog Federation Titles~
~8 SDA/UKC Dogsport Protection Titles~
~3 SDA/UKC Dogsport Police Dog Titles~
~3 PSA Titles~
~1 Other Protection Sport Titles~
~2 Dual Purpose Police K9s~
~3 Operational Search and Rescue Certifications~
~4 Operational Human Remains Detection Certifications~
~2 AKC Versatility Awards~
~76 Obedience Titles~
~3 Utility Dog Titles~
~64 Rally Obedience Titles~
~39 Tracking Titles~
~171 Agility Titles~
~9 Master Agility Championships~
~3 GSDCA Performance Awards of Merit~
~1 Regional Universal Sieger/Siegerin Award~
~2 AKC Herding Titles~
~10 Lure Coursing/FastCat Titles~
~24 Dock Diving Titles~
~1 Dock Diving National Championship (2017 UAD Chase It)~
~144 Scentwork/Nosework Titles~
~81 Trick Dog Titles~
~1 Trick Dog Championship~
~20 Barn Hunt Titles~

~2 Barn Hunt Championships~
~16 Herding Instinct Tests/Certificates~
~1 Farm Dog Certificate~
~7 Therapy Dog Certifications~
~71 AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificates~
~3 CKC Canine Good Neighbor Certificate~
~30 Temperament Test Certificates (AKC, GSDCA or ATTS)~


"The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began: the breeder can indeed lay the foundations of a good and serviceable dog, but the trainer must see to it that he brings to their highest possible development the physical and mental foundations already laid, and thus his is the more grateful task."

     - Capt. Max von Stephanitz - Founder of the German Shepherd Dog breed

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