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E Litter vom Wildhaus

Jabina Fjolle SchH3, IPO3, BHP3, KKl2, a2

Ira vom Argatos SchH1, TR2, CGC, TDI, OFA

22 September 2006

Elessar vom Wildhaus

Schutzhund in Indiana


MACH Eris vom Wildhaus

Owned by Wildhaus Kennels

SchH3(x6), IPO3(x2), AWD1, P1, FO, RA, MX, MXJ, MXB, MJB, OF, T2B, CGC, TT, OFA Good

Eyra vom Wildhaus

Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, and Family Companion in Washington DC

SchH2, Certified Wilderness SAR and HRD, OFA Excellent

V Echo vom Wildhaus "Lana"

Schutzhund, Herding and Family Companion in Nebraska

SchH3(x9), IPO3(x7), USCA Nationals, USCA Working Dog Championship, 2012 USCA Mid Central Region Universal Siegerin, a1 Normal

Ember vom Wildhaus "Phantom"

Schutzhund and Family Companion in California

SchH3 (x2), IPO3 (x3), USCA Nationals, CGC, OFA Fair

Estel vom Wildhaus "Stella"

Schutzhund in Virginia

IPO3, SchH2, OFA Good

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