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Current & Upcoming Litters

D2 Litter ~ Born 22 May 2023 
4 Males and 7 Females. 



a1 Normal Hips & Elbows, LÜW 0, OCD Free,
OFA Normal Shoulders, Eyes, Cardiac, DM N/N


OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, DM N/N

 More About This Litter

Shade is an upper middle sized beast of a dog. Watch her on an escape or long bite, try to play tug with her, or just happen to be standing between her and her ball and you'll quickly see why we describe her that way. She's fast, athletic, incredibly strong, and does everything with an often times intimidating amount of power and intensity. Yet she maintains a clear head and is always compliant and biddable, wanting to be correct in her work and please her handler, without an ounce of softness or over-sensitivity. She has excellent nerves and resilience, and environmentally she's about as bombproof as it gets. Shade is completely neutral to people, dogs, other animals, and pretty much the planet as a whole. She's neither social nor aloof, she just tends to totally ignore anyone and everything and focus on her handler and what she's supposed to be doing.


Bruno is a gorgeous hunk of a dog with an incredibly confident and unflappable temperament.  He brings great drive, crushing grips and tons of power while being a clear headed, biddable dog that wants to work in partnership with his handler.  Off the field he is open and social, excellent with people and dogs, and has a happy, goofy, fun nature.  His pedigree combines lines that are well known not only to be excellent dogs themselves, but also exceptional producers of strong working dogs with great health and longevity.   We feel that it will be an exceptional combination of pedigree, traits and type and will give us strong, healthy, high drive, bombproof dogs that will be a joy to train in most any venue.


  • Sables and Dark Black & Tans

  • Preference is given to experienced GSD owners and working/sport homes.

  • Early reservations are recommended. 

  • Reservations will only be accepted from individuals who have completed our interview/screening process. Contact us for more information.

  • $2200

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