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Current & Upcoming Litters

F2 Litter  
4 Males & 2 Females Born February 3, 2024




OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows,
OFA Normal Shoulders/Cardiac, DM Carrier


2016 WUSV Universal Sieger Champion,
a1 Normal Hips and Elbows,  DM Clear

 More About This Litter

Unni is middle sized with a lean, quick, athletic build and boundless energy and enthusiasm.  While she works well in all phases, her strongest talents lie in the areas of tracking and scent detection where she shows tremendous hunt drive, tenacity and dedication to odor.  Off the field, Unni is a wonderful companion and house dog who gets along well with all people and dogs.

We have been very pleased with puppies from Unni's dam, Nova, as well as her uncle, Nimbus vom Wildhaus "Conall", and are very much looking forward to finally having Unni puppies.  For this litter we chose to breed her to Jabina Zlatan, who has a proven record of producing well balanced working dogs with excellent structure and great overall temperaments.  This litter will be linebred on Jabina Frigga, one of the best producing females in the history of the breed and the grandmother of the incomparable Eris vom Wildhaus, one of the very few dogs ever to accomplish both multiple SchH/IPO3s as well as an Agility Master Championship.


We expect this litter of Unni and Zlatan to produce puppies that excel in a variety of venues and will be especially well suited for jobs geared toward tracking and scent work.  They will be high drive, biddable, enthusiastic training partners and lively, enjoyable companions for active and experienced households.


  • Sables and Bi-Colors

  • Preference is given to experienced GSD owners and working/sport homes.

  • Early reservations are recommended. 

  • Reservations will only be accepted from individuals who have completed our interview/screening process. Contact us for more information.

  • $2200

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