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Current & Upcoming Litters

E2 Litter  
2 Males & 6 Females born December 4, 2023
Now accepting reservations



OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows,
OFA Normal Shoulders/Cardiac/Eyes, DM Clear


IGP3, a1 Normal Hips & Elbows,
DM Clear


 More About This Litter

Saga is middle sized with a lean, athletic build and great structure. In temperament she is very strong and balanced in her drives with excellent hardness and resilience, great nerves and exceptional clear headedness. On the field she has calm, intense tracking, focused obedience, and powerful protection showing great barking, full and calm grips, and hardness and fight drive toward the helper. At home she is a very easy dog with a fabulous off-switch and excellent house manners.  She is open and appropriately social with all people and dogs, and is a playful, goofy, loveable companion.  We are thrilled with Saga's production in our A2 litter and very much looking forward to more Saga puppies.

This breeding with Saga is a bit of a unique circumstance.  We have been very interested in breeding her to Nimbus vom Wildhaus "Conall", the sire of our Z litter with Saga's litter sister, Shade. We are also excited about puppies out of Saga and Gauner vom Schacht zwei, and bred Saga and Gauner earlier this year.  Unfortunately that breeding didn't result in a pregnancy.   Given that Conall is a senior with limited fertility, our previously failed attempt at Saga/Gauner puppies and that Saga herself is middle aged now and doesn't have too many litters left, we chose to do a dual sired litter to avoid having to pick between the two males and to improve our chances of puppies.   


Saga delivered 2 males (1 black, 1 sable) and 6 females (3 blacks, 3 sables) on December 4th.  Given the colors of the puppies, we know that at least half of them are Gauner puppies.  Most likely they are all Gauner puppies, though there is a very slim chance that there might be a Conall puppy in there.  We will of course be following AKC regulations for dual sired litter registration which includes DNA testing all of the puppies to determine exact parentage.  


  • Sables and Solid Blacks

  • Preference is given to experienced GSD owners and working/sport homes.

  • Early reservations are recommended. 

  • Reservations will only be accepted from individuals who have completed our interview/screening process. Contact us for more information.

  • $2200

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