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Yeti vom Wildhaus 
~ SOLD ~

Yeti is an almost two year old (DOB 9 November 2020) absolutely stunning long coat sable spayed female from our Y Litter breeding of Nova and Odin z Vojanky. Unfortunately, circumstances did not work out in her original home so we have her back with us and Dianna has been putting some great training into her while we look for the perfect forever home.

Yeti has off the charts food drive, excellent toy/prey drive drive, good grips and loves to tug and fetch.  She is environmentally bombproof with no noise or surface sensitivities.  She is a really nice dog who could go in any direction; rally, obedience, agility or even club level bitesports.  Her hunt drive is also strong and like all of her Y Litter siblings she loves to use her nose and her strongest talents lie in the area of scent work  She's done some foundational tracking, has been started on scent work odors, and Dianna currently has her enrolled in NW101 through Fenzi Dogsport Academy.  She would be especially well suited for a home that wanted to pursue tracking, nosework, detection work or similar scenting disciplines.  She is focused, engaging, very biddable and enthusiastic and just a delightful dog to work. She has good basic obedience skills for every day use, and is nicely started in some higher level skills, such as formal heeling.


She is social with other dogs and loves to play chase and wrestle games, though she has a rather rough and intense play style.  It is all in fun, but her combination of large size and adolescent exuberance would probably be too much for older dogs or smaller dogs and would likely be over the top for more quiet or reserved dogs that don't enjoy the same sort of antics.  She has done very well interacting and playing with dog savvy male dogs of various breeds who are similar to her in size and play style.   As for cats and other animals, she ignores them fine when out for a walk or working with her handler, but would probably need some careful introductions and management to help her learn to live freely with them.  She isn't a particularly affectionate dog, and even with her own people prefers to play, train or go for a walk over cuddling on the couch.  With strangers she’s generally pretty neutral, tending to ignore them in favor of paying attention to her handler.  She is open with strangers and if given a cue to socialize she will happily go to work with anyone bearing a ball on a string or a pouch full of treats. Though her greetings tend to be quite exuberant and bouncy, and she would likely be too much for small children or frail adults.


While Yeti is perfectly sound and stable with people in almost all situations, she does have a strong negative conditioned emotional response to restraint, veterinary care and grooming.  Unfortunately, rather than have good experiences with grooming and vetting early in life, she was subjected to a lot of impatience, force and rough manhandling that taught her to view these as scary and potentially painful situations. Dianna has been making good progress in changing Yeti's feelings about these scenarios, including teaching her cooperative care techniques both on her own and participating in an FDSA course specifically for cooperative care, teaching her to be comfortable wearing a muzzle and even teaching her to use a scratch board to file her own nails to minimize the need for trimming.  For everyone's happiness, Yeti would do best with a new owner who will continue with these efforts to change Yeti's CER to a less negative one and who uses veterinarians that will practice fear free techniques and not cause Yeti to back slide.

Yeti is crate trained and housebroken, has great house manners (for her age of course!) and travels well in the car.  She's spayed, AKC registered, microchipped, and UTD on all vetting and vaccinations. She is raw fed, but also accustomed to some kibble and a variety of treats and has a cast iron stomach that can eat anything. No itching or GI upset or anything else. Preliminary hip x-rays were done at a year old and look great.

Please contact us if you're looking for a young girl with great drive and exceptional nerve combined with stunning looks and a "let's go!" attitude to be your next sporting partner and active companion. Yeti has a lot to offer as she's out of the puppy stage and has a great foundation, but is still in many ways a blank slate ready to try her paws at any of a variety of tasks.


Yeti's Pedigree

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