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Bellatrix vom Wildhaus

Bellatrix is a 6 month old (DOB 16 November 2021) absolutely stunning bi-color female from our BB litter breeding of Nova and Jaecar. We had kept her back as a potential breeding prospect but unfortunately she just doesn't quite make the cut for our breeding program. While she has exceptional drive, nerve and overall temperament combined with excellent health and incredibly good looks, she just doesn't bite well. She'll chase and grab and enjoys the game, and with dedicated work could probably have her grip developed to a passable level. But a dog that needs specific work in an area that is supposed to be natural for a working GSD is just not a suitable breeding candidate.

Bellatrix has off the charts food drive, good toy drive, and an excellent training foundation. She is focused, engaging, very biddable and enthusiastic and just a delightful dog to work. She is extremely well socialized and is environmentally bombproof. Nothing phases her. She is very open and social with people and has exceptional social skills with other dogs of various breeds. She's been exposed to just about everything a young dog could be exposed to, including multi-day cross country road trips, and has taken everything in stride.

She is crate trained and housebroken, has great house manners (for her age of course!), travels incredibly well, is is very easy to handle for vetting/husbandry. AKC registered, microchipped, and UTD on all vetting and vaccinations. She is raw fed, but also accustomed to some kibble and a variety of treats and has a cast iron stomach that can eat anything. No itching or GI upset or anything else.

Please contact us if you're looking for a young girl with great drive and exceptional nerve combined with stunning looks and a "let's go!" attitude to be your next sporting partner. Bellatrix has a lot to offer as she's out of the puppy stage and has a great foundation, but is still in many ways a blank slate ready to try her paws at any of a variety of tasks.


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