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Heidi vom Wildhaus RETIRED


DOB: 10/07/09

AKC: DN26107301

UKC: P664-059

Hips: OFA Good GS-85346G24F-VPI

Elbows: OFA Normal GS-EL26406F24-VPI

Cardiac: OFA Normal GS-CA782/21F/C-VPI

Eyes: CERF Normal GS-354964

Heidi is a medium sized, solidly built dark black/tan with excellent structure and fabulous drives for work. Our pick female from our H litter, she is a daughter of our own B/HOT Caliber v Wildhaus "Raven" and Tobi vd Wölfen. Raven is a remarkable dog in all phases and a tremendous powerhouse in protection, all brought together in a package of impeccable nerve, temperament and balance who is as wonderful a companion and family dog as she is a working dog. Exactly what the GSD is supposed to be. Likewise, Tobi, is also wonderful working dog with endless drive and willingness combined with exceptional off the field temperament.

Heidi combines many of these excellent characteristics of her parents, and is an absolutely joy to work and to live with. She is a very high drive female in all phases and shows great intensity and commitment and a true love for the work. Probably the trait we value most in Heidi is her genuine desire to please and work in partnership with her handler. While she loves toys and treats and biting helpers, they are not her primary motivators and she will do anything asked of her just to earn praise and pets.

This genuine "genetic obedience" as it is often termed, was once the norm amongst GSDs but in recent decades it has sadly become less common and more difficult to find. And it is this, combined with absolute clear headedness, that is Heidi's most valuable traits. Unlike many very high drive dogs, Heidi doesn't overload and her drive doesn't over power her ability to think and respond to direction. This wonderful combination of clarity and biddability allows her to remain responsive and controlled with almost no effort on the handler's part in virtually any situation regardless of drive level or other stressors. Not surprisingly, this biddability and clarity has also given her an excellent "off switch" at home where she is a wonderful house companion that is appropriately social, excellent with children, and completely trustworthy around other dogs, and all animals she's been exposed to, large or small, including horses, cats and chickens.

Heidi has proven herself, both in performance and as a wonderful ambassador for the GSD breed, in a variety of competitive AKC and UKC venues and will no doubt continue to do so in any activity in which she competes. Unfortunately she will not be able to join our breeding program as some reproductive/hormonal problems have necessitated her being spayed for her own health and safety. She will of course remain here with us as a beloved companion and she and Chris will enjoy continuing to train and trial in IPO and AKC/UKC obedience.

Heidi's Pedigree

Heidi's Titles & Accomplishments


APR1 (SchH/IPO 1 obedience and protection)

AKC Companion Dog Obedience (CD) ~ High in Trial

UKC Companion Dog Obedience (UCD)

AKC Rally Novice Obedience (RN)

UKC Rally Obedience 1 (URO1)

UKC Rally Obedience 2 (URO2)

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

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