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Apokalypse von Kennstenich "Kali"

SchH1, KKl2a

2/26/97 - 10/20/09

AKC: DN05358701

SZ: 1990007

Hips: a1 Normal

Kali was a medium sized, solid black female. Imported from Germany, her pedigree is a virtual "who's who" of solid, old German working lines. Her breeding is heavy in the great Körbelbach dogs, who go back to some of the most influential German working kennels in the history of the breed; Bungalow, Allerswald and Busecker Schloß. She is a granddaughter of the great Blacky vom Neuen Lande, BSP and WUSV world champion. She is also a great-granddaughter of Greif Lahntal, Gildo Körbelbach and Fax vom Haus Bernhardt-Mader. Her pedigree contains such leading producers as Umsa and Mike Bungalow, Caro and Friga Allerswald, Gundo Lierberg, and Quicke Itztal. She is linebred (5-5) on Ignaz vom Oberscholvenerweg, son of the immortal Bernd Lierberg.

Kali was an incredible bitch. Absolutely nothing phased her and her nerves were impeccable. She was an easy dog to be around, with a playful and outgoing personality. While she is somewhat aloof with strangers, she warmed up quickly, and was very affectionate with her family. She was a dominant bitch, but she was not dog aggressive and was excellent with children. Even little ones could take food and toys away from her without the slightest fuss. Calm and well behaved in the house, she was always ready to switch gears and work.

Kali's ball, food and hunt drives were insatiable and she had tremendous energy and work ethic. She was a very powerful dog in protection. Her grips were full, firm and calm and her outs excellent. She loveed the fight and could take a great deal of pressure and keep coming back for more. Her obedience was very enthusiastic and she showed a true desire to work with and for her handler. While not particularly handler sensitive, she had a biddable nature and wanted to please. She never displayed much of the stubbornness that is common in the Körbelbach lines, but certainly had their grip, toughness and sound nerve.

We had high hopes for Kali as a broodbitch, and felt that her character and pedigree would be an outstanding addition to our breeding program. Unfortunately, this was not to be as she developed fertility issues. After several failed attempts to breed her, we gave up on those hopes but still enjoyed many years with her as a beloved companion and "sofa guardian".

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