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Beowulf vom Wildhaus "Wulf"

SchH1, PD1, P1, T1, FO, URO2, CGC, TT, OFA

2/14/04 - 7/21/18

AKC: DN06513903

UKC: P572-108

SDA: 10-0026-MI

Hips: OFA Good GS-73845G25M-PI


Wulf is a gorgeous dark sable, upper sized male. He possesses an outgoing, confident personality, rock solid nerve and endless drive. He is the pride of our B litter and the product of months of careful research and planning. His sire, Ernst Weinbergblick, has proven himself time and time again both as a schutzhund competitor and as a producer of excellent working dogs. Ernst competed twice in the WUSV world schutzhund championships and three times in the Bundessiegerprufung, winning the BSP in 2000. Due to his consistent production of excellent drive, hardness, fight and outstanding overall working ability, Ernst progeny are in high demand in Europe. Ernst and his offspring aren't sporty dogs, but rather they are dogs who show true power and aggression in their work. We feel very fortunate to have been able to utilize Ernst in our breeding program during his brief stay in the United States and we found him to be a perfect match for our foundation bitch, Wulf's dam, Ira. Ira consistently produced for us her balanced drive, biddable and social nature, super nose and natural tracking talent, full and calm grips, bomb-proof nerve and that all important "on/off" switch. These qualities of Ira and Ernst combined wonderfully to produce two incredible litters for us, the B litter from which we kept back Wulf, and the C litter which yielded our exceptional broodbitch, Raven.

We couldn't be happier with Wulf, as he epitomizes the goal we had for this breeding; melding together the strengths of both of his parents in perfect harmony. His tracking is superb and like both of his parents he shows great desire for the work, a deep nose and endless determination. His obedience is quick, correct and enthusiastic, always with strong focus, willingness and directability. He doesn't just show flash in obedience, he shows power. Constantly pushing his handler further and further and throwing himself at every exercise with complete dedication. In the bite work he is outstanding. Serious, strong barking, full and very hard bites, and quick strikes. He slams into the helper like a freight train, and shows tremendous fight toward the helper and determination to dominate his opponent. Helpers love to work Wulf as he presents a welcome challenge, always showing extreme drive, hardness, power and intensity in his work.

An exceptional worker in all phases, Wulf has impeccable nerve, a bold and confident personality, and does everything asked of him with great willingness, enthusiasm, and heart. Off the field, Wulf is a delightful companion and house dog, charming everyone with the other side of his personality; that of a big, loveable doofus who fancies himself as an oversized lapdog. While aloof with strangers, he is open and social with welcome guests, a gentle goofball with children, favorite playmate to dogs and puppies, and overall a devoted, loving member of our family... a true ambassador for the German Shepherd breed.

At 11 years old, Wulf still looks and acts like a dog half his age and is still siring litters via natural cover breedings; demonstrating excellent long term physical soundness, robust health and longevity. He's never been ill or lame a day in his life and, while he's not quite as spry as he used to be, he still enjoys an active lifestyle. One of his favorite days of the week is still "club day" where he enjoys often serving as a training dog in our SchH club, providing quite a challenge and physical workout for new helpers learning protection work. He has proven himself as a successful sire and is producing puppies with strong drive, excellent nerve and temperament, and his own stunning good looks with a variety of females.

Wulf's Pedigree

Wulf's Titles & Accomplishments

SchH BH ~ High BH

SchH1 ~ High In Trial, High SchH1, High Tracking, High Obedience

SDA/UKC Dogsport Family Obedience (FO) ~ High FO

SDA/UKC Dogsport Obedience 1 (OB1)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Protection 1 (P1) ~ High In Trial, High P1, High Protection

SDA/UKC Dogsport Police Dog 1 (PD1)

UKC Rally Obedience 1 (URO1)

UKC Rally Obedience 2 (URO2)

SDA Tracking 1 (T1)

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) Temperament Test (TT)

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