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Denali vom Wildhaus "Della"

SchHA, TR1, PD1, P1, PA, T1, FO, URO2, CGC, TT, OFA, CERF

8/09/05 - 8/16/16

AKC: DN11712403

UKC: P597-985

SDA: 10-0025-MI

Hips: OFA Good GS-77508G26F-PI

Elbows: OFA Normal GS-EL21192F26-PI


Cardiac: OFA Normal GS-CA588/54F/C-VPI

Patellas: OFA Normal GS-PA129/54F/P-VPI

Eyes: CERF Normal GS-1470

Della was a stunningly gorgeous medium-sized solid black female with excellent structure, a thick plush stock coat, and beautiful temperament to match. She was out of our D Litter; a daughter of Jabina Fjolle and our own Ira Argatos. Both this litter and its repeat, our E Litter, turned out to be absolutely phenomenal in terms of quality, working ability and consistency. All dogs from both litters went to working homes where most were titled in schutzhund, while others worked in other venues such as herding and Search and Rescue.

The consistent high quality of the dogs from our D and E litters was of course not happenstance, but the product of exceptional genetics. Their sire, Jabina Fjolle, participated in the 2003 FCI Weltmeisterschaft and the 2003 and 2004 Danish Mesterskab before being imported to the US. His brother, Jabina Fisther, twice placed in the top 5 at the Danish Meisterschaft and 18th at the 2002 WUSV. Fjolle is a son of world renowned BSP Participant Pike vd Schafbachmuhle, well known for his ablity to produce hard, high drive, serious working dogs. Fjolle's dam, Jabina Frigga, has left her stamp not only on the trial field, having competed in the Danish Mesterskab and 1998 WUSV, but even more importantly she has left her mark on GSD bloodlines forever through her progeny, especially her daughters, Jabina Nova and Jabina Dighte, both top level competitors in their own right, and highest scoring females at the 2006 and 2007 WUSVs. Della's dam, Ira, is the foundation bitch of Wildhaus Kennels. Litter after litter Ira proved her ability to produce exceptional working dogs, regardless of whom she was bred to. Uniformally, her offspring exhibited exceptional drive, power and intensity, sound nerve and temperament, full and hard grips, excellent natural tracking talent, and a tireless love of the work. Della was no exception.

Della gave her all in everything she did and whether it was tracking, obedience, protection, playing ball or snuggling on the couch she always displayed a happy, energetic, willing disposition. Social, friendly, always smiling, and downright cuddly with us and welcome strangers, Della's ever present zest for life couldn't help but put smiles on the faces of those who meet her.... even judges! Della's joyful and endlessly entertaining personality was coupled with sound nerve, excellent health and exceptional working ability in all phases. She demonstrated the wonderful natural tracking talent that her dam, Ira, always seemed to stamp on her pups with deep-nosed, concentrated tracking balanced with intense hunt drive and desire for the work. Focused, drivey and very animated in obedience, she showed tremendous enthusiasm and desire to please and work with her handler. Her protection was everything it should be with well balanced drives producing strong, intense barking and guards and fast, powerful strikes with full, calm, hard bites. She always showed strong desire and full commitment in her work, and this is no different when working on strange helpers or in new environments.

Della achieved multiple titles in tracking, obedience, rally obedience, protection and police dog work through schutzhund, UKC, and Service Dogs of America. She also possessed the Temperament Test (TT) certificate from the nationally recognized American Temperament Test Society, and her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate. Always pronounced, all of Della's titles were achieved on strange fields and helpers, and she earned compliments for her drive, willingness, power and enthusiasm wherever she goeswent. Then when done working, she happily came home and relaxed in the house, proof positive that a dog of proper working temperament also excels as a family dog.

Della's Titles & Accomplishments



TR1 (SchH1 Tracking)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Family Obedience (FO)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Protection Alert (PA) ~ High PA, High Obedience

SDA/UKC Dogsport Obedience 1 (OB1)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Protection 1 (P1)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Police Dog 1 Obedience (PDOB1)

SDA/UKC Dogsport Police Dog 1 (PD1) ~ 2nd Place overall

UKC Rally Obedience 1 (URO1)

UKC Rally Obedience 2 (URO2)

SDA Tracking 1 (T1)

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) Temperament Test (TT)

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