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Jette vom Eichenluft "Jet" 


1/12/01 - 3/17/12

AKC: DL89986704

Hips: OFA Good

Elbows: OFA Normal

Jette was a medium sized, black and tan female with a graceful, athletic build. Her pedigree is packed full of top quality working dogs. Her sire is a Crok vom Erlenbusch son and Mink grandson, and her dam, a Fero daughter, is a BHP3 import from Denmark. The rest of her pedigree boasts strong dogs such as Sagus vom Busecker Schloß, Dax von der Kesmarker Tränke, Gildo vom Körbelbach, Ashra von Stoppenburger Land and Umsa Bungalow.

Jette had solid nerves and a stable, sound temperament. While she was aloof with strangers, she was very affectionate and playful with people she knew. She was calm in the house, and a fireball on the training field. She was a happy dog who loved to work and this attitude could always be seen in her animated actions and the exuberance with which she tackled any task set in front of her. She was fun and easy to train as she had an excellent work ethic and a true willingness to please and work with her handler.

Jette's working ability was simply outstanding. At the trial for her SchH1, the presiding judge nicknamed her "Firecracker", and no one could say it isn't appropriate. Jet had limitless ball, prey, hunt and food drive. She showed great focus and drive in obedience, and put on a very flashy performance. In protection, she hit hard and loved the fight. She would withstand anything the helper can throw at her and keep coming back for more. Jette's tracking was a joy to watch. She inherited the natural tracking talent that the Fero lines are renowned for and showed tremendous intensity and concentration on the track. She chuffed along like a locomotive thoroughly investigating every footstep, and always ending a track looking for more. When work time was done, Jet come home and settled right in to be an excellent house dog and companion. Very calm and well mannered, she loved to snuggle on the sofa watching TV or play some frisbee and tug. She was truly what the GSD is supposed to be. A tireless worker, who can relax with the family when the work is done.

Tim and Jette had a wonderful time in training and learned a lot together. They earned their SchH1 at the Northcoast Schutzhund Club in Ohio in the fall of 2004. Unfortunately, Jet had fertility problems and was unable to enter our breeding program. She was spayed and placed with a wonderful family in Michigan where she lived life to the fullest as a beloved family companion and playmate to two young children.

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