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Narsil vom Frolich Haus "Nara"


8/24/99 - 5/06/12

Nara was a compact, medium sized, sable female, with a powerful short-coupled build reminiscent of her DDR heritage. She was a daughter of the famous Alk vom Osterburg Quell, a working police K9 and competition dog who won the 1997 and 1998 WPO National Championships for police dogs. In 1999, Alk and his partner, Greg Mominee, became the first foreign team to ever place in the top 10 at the International Deutsch Meisterschaft Police Dog Championships in Germany.

Despite what appears to be an outstanding working pedigree, as Nara matured and her schutzhund training progressed it became apparent that she did not possess the temperament and nerve strength suitable for the work. Nevertheless, while schutzhund and breeding were certainly not appropriate for her, she was a fantastic companion. Playful and affectionate, with a mischievous and comical personality and a true zest for life that made her an absolute joy to be around, we enjoyed many years of laughs and love with her.

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